Biting Balls Off


David Mitchell on “8 out of 10 Cats” makes swearing a thing of beauty.


Series 4, Episode 3: ‘Gym’



'These days, he's known as the writer and creator of the BBC TV series Death in Paradise.

But after leaving Cambridge University, former Rutland schoolboy Robert Thorogood set up a theatre group with his friends from the student Footlights comedy troupe and took a production of Molière’s The Miser on a tour of private schools.

Which is how he came to be back at Uppingham in the mid-1990s.

And which is also how we ended up with a photo of a fresh-faced David Mitchell, Robert Webb and the estimable Olivia Colman in our archive, looking young, sparkly-eyed but slightly worse for wear, fame still ahead of them.’

- From the Leicester Mercury’s Picture of the Day feature

Look at the bow-tie, it’s important.

David Mitchell mentioned this tour during An Evening with David Mitchell a couple of years ago. He said that he always did the bow-tie up in a different way for each performance and that the other performers would have no idea how the tie would look before he appeared on stage. It became a running joke for the cast, who would attempt to stifle their laughs each time they saw the new-look tie. Regrettably, during one performance Olivia Colman laughed so much at the state of the bow that she lost control of her bladder and ended up urinating on stage. I feel privileged to have at last seen the tie that caused Ms Colman’s catastrophic act of micturation.

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